A New Way to Tune In

Unlike other monitoring tools that scan titles, descriptions, or comments, Youtube Mentions is the only social listener that watches video content itself

How People are Using YouTube Mentions

Engage influencers and join conversations

YouTube is the most popular video site in the world, with over two billion monthly visitors. Creators upload 500 hours of video every minute. But not everyone is going to tag you when they talk about you. YouTube Mentions makes finding them easy.

Find more while working less

Even the most conscientious teams won't catch every mention the way a machine can. YouTube Mentions give you a comprehensive list of time-stamped mentions. Check out an example by clicking here.

Automate negative review discovery on YouTube

Finding negative reviews before they spread can be hard and time consuming. The repetitiveness of the task makes it easy to miss details and evaluate with accuracy and fairness.


How the Service Works


See YouTube Mentions in Action

Click the button below to see how YouTube Mentions precisely identifies over >400 mentions buried in 1,100 hours of video reviews.

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