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YouTube Mentions serves Social Media Marketers.

Some other roles with similar responsibilities include:

  • Data Analyst
  • Online Marketer
  • Marketing Manager
  • Video Marketing
  • Social Media Manager
  • Social Media Analyst
  • Community Manager

We thought harder about how we could build a better service for these folks and started to reach out to some people we know to ask if they want to participate in a free trial (email us for details). In the meantime, we decided to use the service ourselves.

In this post I'm using YouTube Mentions to analyze Fenty Beauty. My goal is to see whether Fenty is in touch with their customers.

According to Fenty's website, their goal is to create makeup that "perform[s] across all skin types and tones" so that "people everywhere [will] be included."

They do this by "focusing on a wide range of traditionally hard-to-match skin tones, creating formulas that work for all skin types, and pinpointing universal shades"

I think a brand is in touch with their customers if the relevance and differentiation of the brand comes through its customer reviews. I used YouTube Mentions to find the top 7 video mentions of Fenty Beauty, sorted by impact, and the exact time stamp at which Fenty was mentioned.


In the first post, Valentines Day Glam by Ashley Chennel Beauty, we see at time stamp 4:02 she metnions that she's going back in with some highlighter on her lip and nose.

In the second post, Full Coverage Foundation for Mature Skin | Sephora by Sephora, the speaker mentions Fenty from 11:45 - 13:45. They mention the Sun Stalk'r Instant warmth brozer and the shade cocoa naughty. Quotes I pulled

  • "when it comes to full coverage bronzer is for me the number one go-to it's the best and easiest way to bring that warmth back. I'm gonna be using Fenty beauty by Rihanna."
  • "This is really key when it comes to making this transition in the forehead really look the most natural because you're really bringing back that natural sunkissed that happens up here a lot of times everyone, just because, you know, exposure to the Sun"
  • "I think a bronzer is a great way to softly add a little warmth but also a little sculpt you know you don't need to do a hard contour just because you did a full coverage foundation a lot of times we think that but in this case a little bronzer onto the cheek will bring some sculpting back to the face in a really nice soft natural way"
  • "I like to take the excess under the jawline and down it's a minut amount but I feel like especially with full coverage foundation it just makes everything look a little bit more unified and natural"

In the third post, New Year's eve makeup | Silver smokey eye by Ali Beauty By Sarah, at 10:03, the influencer says "I feel like the shade matches me pretty much year-round"

In the fourth post, 10:06, influencer describes the foundation being used: Shade 550.

Fifth post, 5:40, "what I'm gonna do next is that's it for my eye shadow is I'm keeping this look very neutral and just letting that color pop I'm gonna be using the Fenty Beauty eyeliner and this is the black one. I think it only comes in black."

Sixth post, 5:23 - 6:52 "for brows I'm going in with the Fenty Beauty eyebrow pencil"

Seventh post, Learned that this is a sponsored post. From an analytics perspective, this isn't that interesting. But, if I were the marketing manager I'd want to make sure this post is up in the top 3 most impactful videos-- the ranking not just for views, but also for positivity of responses.


Stuff to celebrate

  • The transcript jump to timestamp is awesome and worked perfectly every time to take me to the right time stamp! Amazing. Just what we were hoping for. One thing though is sometimes people give a pre-amble before mentioning the brand. It's a minor detail, but we noticed in demonstration videos,that makeup artists would sometimes describe the look they are going for before calling out the product or brand.
  • It only took about 20 minutes to pull the relevant quotes out that let me see what people were saying about the makeup products and how their impressions.

Opportunities for improvement

  • We need to learn more about marketing manager workflow. For example: if I'm just trying to watch all the videos from the right time stamp, the current format in website is awesome. But if I'm trying to do analysis, maybe I want key fields in a table, where I can take notes on things I'm observing, or take notes on next steps and recommendations.

Do you know any marketing managers for cosmetics brands?

Please send them our way using the CONTACT link in the top right corner of the website. Thanks in advance!